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    1. Degree Programs By Area of Study

      Once you're accepted to South University, our help doesn't stop there. Throughout your entire academic program, you will be supported with a wide range of resources that make online learning with South University convenient and productive.


      South University Online Library

      Online Library

      In the Online Library, you’ll have access to a full-text search engine that crawls over 350 databases, supporting every academic program. You’ll get full-text articles, not just abstracts. In addition, interlibrary book loans can be shipped to you at no additional charge.


      Counseling Center


      Dealing with a Personal Problem?   Talk One-2-One counseling services can help! Counseling benefits available at no charge to all students at South University Online Programs.  Counseling for personal, family and marital problems – stress, anxiety, depression.  Talk One-2-Oneoffers up to 4 confidential face to face or telephonic counseling sessions. All Talk One-2-One Counselors are licensed, experienced, and easy to talk to.

      • Appointments available near home or work.
      • 24 hour, 7 day a week crisis hotline.

      Help is just a call away!  To schedule an appointment: Call: 1-888-620-3362. A no charge, confidential service to South University, Online Programs students


      Disability Services

      South University provides accommodations to qualified students with disabilities.  The Disability Services office assists qualified students with disabilities in acquiring reasonable and appropriate accommodations and in supporting equal access to services, programs and activities at South University.

      Students who seek reasonable accommodations should notify the Disabilities Services of their specific limitations and, if known, their specific requested accommodations.  Students will be asked to supply medical documentation of the need for accommodation.  Classroom accommodations are not retroactive, but are effective only upon the student sharing approved accommodations with the instructor.  Therefore, students are encouraged to request accommodations as early as feasible with the Disability Services  to allow for time to gather necessary documentation.  For more information contact Disability Services at or 888-444-3404 ext. 33000.


      Student and Consumer Information

      For policies and information available to prospective and current students, please visit our Consumer Information section.


      The Career Services department at South University connects you from day one to a clear career path process. You'll receive continuous support and advice that will prepare you for life after graduation.

      Once You're Enrolled

      You'll have access to various career assessment tools to start you off on the right foot, in addition to detailed job search information and resume builder.

      Before You Graduate

      You will be contacted by a Career Assistant who will connect you to resources that can help you in your career exploration.
      Services include:

      • Resume critique by a career professional in your chosen field
      • Assistance in successful cover letter completion
      • Identifying job search best practices
      • Guiding you through the interview process

      After Graduation

      You will have the opportunity to work with one of our Career Services Advisors, who will assist you in the following:

      • Developing and executing a career strategy
      • Resume and cover letter refinement
      • Job search in your field and location

      How Our Graduates Measure Up

      Graduation stats can be viewed here.

      Graduation Teams: Supporting You at Every Step

      We know how challenging it might seem to pursue your degree and your  goal of advancing your career. That’s why we have built a support system like no other in order to help you get where you want to go. At South University, your graduation team will be there to support you every step of the way as you pursue your degree.

      Your team of graduation representatives will be there from the first moment you apply on through to your graduation. They will work in concert with each other to ensure that you are getting the answers you need, to encourage you along the way and to assist you in your application, in helping you identify the best way for you to pay for school, be there for questions about your academic courses and so much more.

      Introducing Your Graduation Team

      Each Graduation Team is made up of three people working together to make sure you have the support you need during your entire time with us.

      Admissions Representative

      Your first contact – your Admissions Representative will help you through the initial stages of your application, helping you better understand the process and answering all of your questions as they support you all the way through the admissions process.

      Student Finance Counselor

      Your Student Finance Counselor will be your first point of contact regarding your student finances all the way through to your graduation. From helping you understand your available options for financing through any application process and beyond, the  Student Finance Counselor will be there to help answer all of your questions.

      Academic Counselor

      Your Academic Counselor will be there to guide you through all of your questions about your chosen degree program. They will be there from your first course all the way through graduation to make sure your academic experience is the best that it can be.

      At South University, student interaction is an integral part of the overall online learning experience. From social networking to school events, students are provided with a wide variety of opportunities to socialize and expand upon what they've learned in the classroom. Learn more about these options below.

      The Campus Common

      The Campus Common at South University is your one-stop connection to the latest news and events, academic support, career services, professional resources, and much more. Learn about the services we offer below.

      Get Connected with the student community

      Online Student Community

      "Get Connected" with other South University, Online Programs students in the Campus Common. You'll have access to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn community pages, in addition to a variety of student groups. You can also chat live with faculty and join national honorary and professional groups.


      Connections is a great place for students to interact with faculty and each other. It includes three specific areas for interaction:

      Get Connected

      • A department area where faculty and students from specific programs can interact and read about the latest news and events pertinent to them.
      • An Organizations area that includes student chapters of professional organizations, as well as groups organized by the Student Affairs department at South University.
      • A lounge area where users can create their own groups based on anything from their location to specific interests they may have outside of school.

      For students who may not have a chance to check out Connections on a regular basis, Student Affairs also publishes a quarterly newsletter called Connections Corner, which highlights some of the most recent events and organizations discussed in Connections. The newsletter is e-mailed to students and is also posted on the Campus Common.