Join us for the 2013 Student Activities Week!

by South University 19 August 2013

Current Students, this week, August 19-23, 2013, is Student Activities Week--your chance to learn about new student organizations and discover all that being a student at South University has to offer!

Online ConversationsEach day, the Student Community blog on Connections will be updated, so make sure to stop by! (Connections is our exclusive social network where you can interact with faculty members and fellow classmates.) The Student Community blog will focus on the importance of getting involved with your school and your community.

To visit Connections, log in to the Campus Common via this link. If you’re already in the Campus Common, from the Campus Life dropdown, select Get Connected. Then, click the Get Connected button to open Connections in a new window. You’ll find the Student Community page under Departments.

In addition, on August 22, 2013, at 8:00pm ET, the Office of Student Community will host a live Student Activities Night webinar, answering questions about how students can join different organizations and what those organizations have to offer. (Current students: register here!)

We hope to see you around in Connections and at our webinar for Student Activities Week!

Heroes Among Us

by South University 21 March 2013

We’re now in week three of our Student Hero Contest, which runs until April 2 and encourages you to gain new friends or honor your already existing ones. For doing so, you could win up to a $500 scholarship toward tuition.

Student Hero logo

If you’d like to participate, but you aren’t sure what we are looking for, here’s an excerpt from one of the entries that’s already been submitted. This comes from Stephanie Shirk, who plans to graduate in October of this year.

“I have been attending South University since 2009. Without my boyfriend, Dwayne Van Meter, I probably would not be enrolled at this time. It was with his encouragement and never ending devotion that I have been able to make it this far. I have two children, a full time job, and of course all of my children's activities. I would not have made it without him always giving me encouragement and saying ‘You can do it!’”

To read Stephanie’s full story and to nominate your own hero, visit the Student Community Group in Connections. Here’s how to get there:

1. Log in to your Campus Common from this link. It will open in a new tab.
2. Enter Connections. It will show up in a new window, so your pop-up blocker will need to be off.
3. Click on Departments in the main navigation.
4. Select the Student Community group. (Look for the orange H next to the group name.)
5. Click on Forum in the side navigation.
6. Find the Student Hero discussion and click the question “Who is your hero?” to see all student entries or submit your own.

See the full rules for the Student Hero Contest here. We look forward to reading about your hero!

Helping Your Classmates Can Help You

by South University 18 March 2013

At South University many of you are pursuing careers that revolve around helping others, including positions in nursing, healthcare, criminal justice, psychology and more. There's no need to wait to start helping others though; you can start now with your online peers. Here are just a few ways that our classmates can help each other.

Student Hero

1. You can overcome many of your challenges and concerns together. Do you get overwhelmed by your assignments and personal responsibilities? Your peers might have advice on managing busy schedules, and you may even have a tip or two to share. Not sure how to use the online classroom? A classmate can help. Are you nervous about being back in school? The odds are good that you’ll find another classmate who had the same worry and is now excelling in their studies.

Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is facing and overcoming the same challenges can be inspiring and motivating.

2. You can hold each other accountable in school. If you are friends with your peers, you’ll feel more connected to South University and be more likely to stick with it through to graduation. Plus, one of you will notice if the other person hasn’t been around in a while. You can encourage each other to hang in there and to believe in yourself. You came to school to achieve your goals, but sometimes you might need someone to remind you that.

3. You can have interesting, in depth conversations about your studies. Your friends and family may enjoy hearing about what you are studying, but they may not have the time or the knowledge to discuss the theory behind it or analyze every sentence of the article you just read. With your peers, you’ll be able to talk about your common interests and share your opinions on the topics you’re studying.

4. You can serve as professional resources for each other. You can discuss research ideas and theories and receive constructive feedback and support. Your peers might also introduce you to an industry resource or group with which you aren’t very familiar. It never hurts to know other professionals in your field.

Join the Student Hero Contest to start connecting with your classmates today!

4 Places to Connect with Your Peers

by South University 11 March 2013

With our Student Hero Contest up and running, here are a few hints on where and how to find and connect with other online students.

Student Hero

Connections: Connections is an exclusive community for faculty and students to interact. Here, you can participate in the community chat, upload photos and videos, and join student groups and organizations. Go beyond introducing yourself – start asking questions and get a conversation going!

Here are some areas on Connections where you can get involved:

1. Departments: Stay connected with faculty and students from your program and department in this area of Connections. Career Services, Counseling Department and Student Community groups are located here, as well as program specific groups. 
2. Organizations: Get involved in student chapters of professional organizations as well as groups organized by Student Affairs. You’ll be growing your professional network and making new friends at the same time. 
3. Lounges: Create your own group in the lounge area based on anything from your location to your specific interests outside of school. Or, join one of the many student-created groups that already exist.

Facebook and Twitter: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to find out which of your friends from Connections are also interacting on these social media sites. Get involved in our conversations or start your own!

Skype: We talked about Skype earlier this year on the blog. It’s a great free tool that allows face-to-face communication and can be used on a computer or a smart phone. Plus, Connections now allows you to display your Skype user name on your profile and to see the Skype names of your friends.

LinkedIn: Connect with fellow students on this professional networking site. This could come in handy for future job searches! Plus, your peers might be willing to give you recommendations or endorsements on LinkedIn, which could make your profile stand out to potential employers.

Connecting with your peers will give you the opportunity to develop a support system for school, build lasting friendships and grow your network of contacts in your desired industry. Click here to see Student Hero Contest rules and to learn how to get involved. What are you waiting for?

South University Online Programs Hosts Student Activities Week

by South University 1 September 2011

The Office of Student Community recently hosted “Student Activities Week” at South University Online Programs with the goal of engaging students in activities outside of the classroom.

On Thursday, August 25th, Aileen Dillon, South University Online Programs’ Assistant Director of Student Affairs – Student Community, hosted the “Student Activities Night” webinar featuring a variety of clubs, organizations and honor societies that students may join. The list of organizations included The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), Nurse Practitioners Association, Writing the Great American Novel, and American Criminal Justice Association.

Students who missed out on the event can view the recording here!