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    1. Nursing


      If you are a Registered Nurse considering an advanced degree to enhance your career, South University offers 4 online degree programs, RN-BSN, RN-MSN, MSN and DNP, designed to fit into your busy career and life obligations.

      South University is dedicated to creating programs that meet the challenges of today's healthcare landscape. We design our programs to prepare nurses to meet those challenges head-on in order to deliver outstanding patient care.

      An Unmatched Offering of Online Nursing Programs

      There are very few schools who can offer the same powerful range of online specializations in our Nursing degree programs as South University. If you are a registered nurse looking to advance your career and move into a role like Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, Manager or Informaticist, then there is no place better suited to fit your needs than right here at South University Online Programs.

      Non-Nurse Practitioner
      Nurse Administrator
      Nurse Educator
      Nurse Informatics
      Nurse Practitioner
      Family Health
      Adult Health
      Informatics is essential...It's paramount that we prepare our graduates to work in informatics. Informatics is going to touch all of us. - Dr. Ruth Tarantine.